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Enjoy to fidget?
You’re not solo. In fact, the majority of us fidget every day. Sitting at our computers, readying for appointments, lining up … there are so many instances we could be tempted to click that pen, bite our fingernail or fix clothing. It tends to happen most often when we should stay still or seated for an extended period of time, leading to lethargy and lots of left-over energy. However, there are health advantages linked to fidgeting, in terms of combating a sedentary way of living– in fact, a recent report of over 12,000 UK women found that people who did the absolute most fidgeting were the most guarded against the diseases and illnesses linked with sitting still all the time. So, fidgeting is a pretty good thing, right? Well, yes– this may appear to be the case on the surface. However, repetitive habits such as tapping your foot or clicking your pen can quickly become boring, and can also provide a source of exasperation to people around you. What could be more exasperating than having your chain of thought broken off by a constant tapping?

Fortunately, we have an option: introducing our new fidget spinners (or fidget finger spinners) from

What are fidget spinners?
Fidget finger spinners are swiftly taking modern offices and class rooms by storm– they’re the useful, fun and very discreet toy you can use to indulge all of your fidgeting cravings, without displeasing those around you.
Made from plastic, wood or metal, finger spinners are little and light-weight fidget toys that you can spin between your fingers. Their intent is simple: to give you something fun and quiet to do when you feel the need to fidget. They have some added benefits, too, but we’ll spill the beans about those later.

Once you get used to the fidget spinner, you can challenge yourself to see how quickly you can get it to spin, and for how long without stopping (think you can manage a minute or more?). This method gives you something to focus on, and can help to alleviate that anxiety and irritation that arises when you’re sitting around for too long.
Our finger spinners come in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, styles and materials– so you can choose the one that best suits you. Happy spinning.